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I heard from Christopher over at GuitarBass Canada. He faced a problem that is quite common amongst guitar players in Canada: he had trouble finding parts and accessories in stock in Canada and he was annoyed with the high cost of shipping parts and accessories into Canada from the United States.

He decided to do something about that problem:

Here at GuitarBass, we realize what a pain it is to get parts to customize your instrument up here in the North. Our mission is to simplify the process by providing high quality parts shipped from directly here in Canada. We believe you should be able to order in Canadian dollars and not have to worry about duties or crazy shipping charges, just click and wait for it to show up.

There are a number of great operators in Canada that fill a specific niche for the guitar community: folks like Richard over at, the amazing team at Guitar Effects Canada, and Jeff at Road Rage. We really need more businesses that can serve the market in Canada well. I’ve signed up for the GuitarBass newsletter and I look forward to doing some business with them in the future.

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