Little River


The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a wonderful area to hike. Find a spot somewhere to leave the car and go wandering off to connect with nature.

For me, I enjoy the challenge of finding a scenic area to capture the landscape. This usually means entering areas that are less travelled. And it generally means quiet and solitude. Take the above photo: although it meant climbing down rocks and finding a path to the edge of a fast-moving waterfall, the image captures the beauty and the energy of this park.

Lorraine and Matthew pose alongside some of the rocks that line the shore of the Little River in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Matthew finds a perfect spot to enjoy the rushing river.


So quiet. So peaceful. Just me, my family, and the wilderness. Awesome.


Further down, Matthew finds yet another spot to watch the Little River.


But wait. What is all that noise?

I point my camera back to Matthew and what do I find?

Kayak congestion. On the Little River.





There were even traffic accidents on the river. Several of the kayaks tipped over. I imagine the water was very, very cold.


They soon all passed along. And then we were back to the Little River. Not quite as isolated a spot as I had thought.


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