Suhr 2015 Collection


Inspired by nature. Suhr’s 2015 Collection features some truly awe inspiring guitars, and we have a bunch of them! Suhr’s attention to detail is truly stunning, with every effort, down to the wooden tuning pegs and wooden pickup covers, to create the most earthy feeling guitars we’ve ever seen.

Another impressive set of guitars incoming to Cosmo Music in Toronto. These Suhr guitars are a cut above their regular production models and, of course, with a price tag to match.

The guitar pictured above caught my eye. It is a Burl Maple Modern Carve Top. It has a chambered Burl Maple body, an elliptical Bacote neck with brass ring dot position inlays and a 24k gold-plated logo. And, perhaps with a nod to Canadians, it also features a Maple leaf inlay on the neck.

Cosmo is showing this guitar out of stock. Perhaps someone has already picked it up.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Hey, Richard,

    While this is a beautiful example of what one can do with wood, (and I am a BIG fan of exotic woods and into carpentry, woodworking and furniture making as one of my hobbies), I am still in awe of the absolutely beautiful tones produced by the Cp Thornton Classic! (Sorry to cross post, here, Richard!).

    Now, where to find $3,690 plus shipping……he says to himself. 🙂


  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    Oh, oh, Richard, After about 3 years of behaving myself…

    …I managed to find three thousand, six hundred and ninety looneys in the sofa cushions….




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