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Reverb. A dangerous place for me to hang out.

Reverb offers the best variety of tools to buy & sell gear, and the lowest listing fees of any major site. As musicians and gear lovers, we work to foster a community and make Reverb the best place to purchase music gear online.

Well, let’s see what Reverb has up for sale these days, shall we?

A very old and used electric guitar. Only 1 available. On sale for $999,999.00 plus $170 for shipping.

A bit far to check it out at Hank’s Guitar Shop of Denmark Street, London. They do have a 1959 Les Paul Standard listed on their website but it doesn’t look to be the same instrument. The wood grain and staining is definitely different. But who am I to judge? I still think the dress was white and gold.


The guitar was previously owned by Gary Grainger. Former guitarist for Rod Stewart.

I think a million dollar burst might be a tad high on the market. But then again, it won’t be the first one to sell close to that mark.

From Gibson’s take on the mystique of the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard:

Over the past decade 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standards have sold for anywhere from $50,000 for hard-worn examples to over $1-million for Peter Green”™s and Gary Moore’s legendary Holy Grail ”” the guitar Green used on Fleetwood Mac”™s early albums and that Moore also put to the test repeatedly during his fruitful career.

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  1. Denmark Street Guitars
    Denmark Street Guitars says:

    Thanks for your article on the Grainger Burst and the 59 we perviously had, just to clarify these are two different guitars and the reason for the price on Reverb is that their system does not offer users the option to enquire for a price. The guitar is a KILLER BURST! and we are so pleased that it is getting some great attention around the world.

    I hope this clears matters up for you and keep watching our Reverb/Vintage and Rare/Gbase/Website for more killer items!

    Denmark Street Guitars

    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Yes, they certainly appeared to be two different guitars. Thank you for the clarification.

      The Grainger Burst looks like an incredible instrument and I hope you do well with the sale!



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