My Philosophy, Abbreviated

I came across an interesting article on The Versatility of Prime Lenses over at photographylife.

The images in the article were excellent and I decided to visit the photographer’s website. I found more than just photographs.

Life isn’t short at all. Everything that you will ever know will happen within your life.

Very unusual to see a well-developed statement of personal philosophy on a photographer’s website.

I do not agree with all of his statements.

I care about what intrigues me, and I don’t care much about anything else.

Although other statements were quite profound.

Dramatic landscapes are beautiful because they are so inherently free from outside influences, and their patterns exist on a scale far beyond what we can experience anywhere else. The fact that we happen to live on a beautiful planet is poetic.

All of this from a 17-year old student in Franklin, Tennessee. Very impressive start in life, Spencer Cox. You have focus, vision and passion. Those attributes will serve you well.

You can visit Spencer’s gallery here.

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