It is a large pedal board. The main stage pedalboard that is. 16 pedals, two power supplies, programmable controllers. It is also very heavy so I only take it out when I need all of that extra ear candy.

I also have a minimalist pedalboard. 4 pedals powered by a battery. The perfect grab and go board.

And I have a mid-sized pedalboard. I generally play out with either the small or the mid-sized board.

Like with most players, lots of pedals come and go so the board is constantly changing. As a few folks have asked me about the mid-sized board here is the most current breakdown.


This board holds 8 pedals and one power supply. The signal chain:

Guitar -> Timmy -> Alpha Dog -> EP Booster -> Volume Pedal -> Timeline -> Wet -> Amp

The volume pedal was enhanced by JHS Pedals to remove the tone suck. The pedal is now active and it also feeds a Korg Pitchblack tuner. The orange pedal is a MIDI controller for the Strymon Timeline. I use it to step through my presets. Power is provided by Voodoo Labs 4×4. There are high output channels and I need one for the Timeline.

The next two shots provide a few angles to highlight the wiring. For this board, I opted to use a Lava soldered kit and I used heavy duty right-angle Switchcraft jacks where possible. There were two spots that were tight enough that I used the Lava soldered jacks: one side of the EP Booster and the tuner out from the volume pedal. I also used right angle plugs for the MIDI controller.

I did all of the wiring for the board myself. I prefer soldered connections over solderless.

Given the compact nature of the board, I elected not to use a true-bypass effects loop.



The bottom of the pedalboard shows the routing for the power cables as well as for the signal cables. Always a bit risky to show the bottom of a pedalboard but everything is certainly nice and neat down there. It does mean a bit of extra work though when changing pedals in and out.


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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Hi, Richard, nice set up. I find it curious your volume pedal is now on the left. Looking back on your gear page, your ‘foot’ pedals, wah and volume are shown on the right. Unusual to change feet. Not sure I could do that switch without losing balance. Comments?


    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Without a true bypass effects loop, I needed access points for the “in” and “out” which meant that I had to place the Timmy somewhere on the right side — unless I placed it upside down on the left 🙂

      Once there, the volume pedal had to go someplace else.

      I haven’t noticed any balance issues though. I still use the same foot 🙂

  2. Noah Stormonth
    Noah Stormonth says:

    Hey Richard… May i use your first photo (large pedal board) as a community facebook page i am setting up. This page is basically so people can bost pictures of their pedals, ask each other questions and admire other peoples pedal boards. Thanks for your time.


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