Just Arrived, 1956 NOS Strat


Yes. This announcement was waiting in my email. The Fender Custom Shop folks letting me know that a new ’56 NOS Strat Master Built by John Cruz had just arrived in Toronto. Just in time for my birthday.

Let’s look at this guitar.


Stunning. Just stunning. Shoreline gold with a Tobacco burst finish. An incredible figured neck. Gold hardware.

Cosmos Music has it for only $12,500.


Oh well. It was the wrong year anyway. I need a 1958, not a 1956.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:


    “..need…”??? 🙂

    I’ve tried that one for years (versus ‘want’) but it just doesn’t work around here anymore. 🙁

    Great guitar posts recently though……I need some, too….

      • Rob
        Rob says:

        Ah….mmmmm – I’ll let you know if it works…I’ve a terrific wife, however, she’s quite savvy…..

        My prediction is her response would be that if we were in our 20’s and had a long time for that investment to appreciate maybe, but as we are in our late 50-‘s, not so sure. She’s always thinking, that gal.



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