Iceland to Greenland

Over the years I have been a flight sim enthusiast. I started on the very first version of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator back in 1982.

I had decided to spend a bit more time this year sharpening my flight sim chops.

I am learning how to fly the Beechcraft King Air B200. Here are a couple of screen shots of the B200 from my flight sim:



The aircraft is modelled by Carenado. You can learn more about the aircraft model here. I use it on the X-plane flight sim.

One of the most helpful resources I have found on flying is from Guido Warnecke. He provides a comprehensive set of flying videos set in the cockpit of corporate jets and turboprops.

This is one of his latest, a flight from Iceland to Greenland. It shows all phases of a transatlantic flight from Iceland (BIRK) to Greenland (BGSF), ATC clearance, checklist procedures, position reports in the North Atlantic Airspace and a landing at Sondrestromfjord (BGSF). I basically follow along with the same flight plans, checklists — specific to the B200 of course — and ATC protocols.

And, if you happen to be a bit of an aviation photo enthusiast, 500 pixels just highlighted some amazing photos taken by pilots. Here is the link to 25 of them like the one below. Amazing shots.


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