Good Amp, Bad Amp, New Amp


Well, there you have it. Some of the insides of my Fender Super Champ. My amp tech was able to restore it back to its former glory. A resistor had blown and the caps all needed to be replaced. He also swapped out the 6V6 power tubes and a blown fuse. The amp now works and it sounds great.


Sadly, my Fender Tweed Deluxe has to go in for repair. I dropped it off to my amp tech over lunch today. After swapping out half a dozen sets of tubes, I could not eliminate the intermittent volume and crackling sounds. Clint has all of the bench gear to troubleshoot the amp. He thinks that is likely a bad solder in the preamp section. I guess I will find out soon enough.

Clint was kind enough to lend me his Tanglewood. He knew that I had been putting a lot of work into my jazz studies and he told me that this was one of the best sounding acoustic amps that he has heard. “It will sound great with your archtop!”


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