Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our family gathering on Christmas morn was limited in number but not in spirit. Matthew and I had played in two Christmas eve services the night before and between rehearsals and the two events, we returned home blessed by the good news of Christmas. Truly a wonderful time of year.

It was just Lorraine, Matthew, Tabby and I as we awoke to a beautiful Christmas day.

We had our gifts arranged under the tree in the lower level of our home.

Christmas Tree

As usual, Lorraine had spent a considerable amount of time wrapping most of the gifts with care.

Matthew's Gifts

Matthew's Gifts

The rest of our home had been wonderfully decorated for the season. Here are a few of the small details.

Christmas Scene

Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Christmas day has certainly changed as our children have grown older. Being able to sleep in a bit later is one welcome change although I do miss those years when our children were young and so very excited to gather under the tree and exchange gifts.

I hope that you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas day.

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