Performance Rig

A few photos of my performance rig. It always changes but this is what it looked like for most of 2014.

First up are the guitars:


The main acoustic guitar that I take out these days is the Collings D2H. I also have a small acoustic pedalboard which includes the LR Baggs Venue, Diamond Memory Lane 2, Boss Chorus and a Voodoo Labs pedal power. The Collings was equipped with the LR Baggs Anthem to get a signal out to the FOH.

For jazz work, I use an Ibanez Artstar AF155.

My number one guitar for the past few years has been a Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster. This one is pretty special as it was built from 100 year old pine. Great tone on this machine. And, for a bit of a change, I will often use my Fender Select Telecaster.

The large pedal board looks like this right now.

Guitar Pedals

From the guitar, I first hit a Timmy and an EP Booster pedal. These pedals are always on.

The first loop is a Road Rage single true bypass loop. I have a Keeley compressor on that loop.

From there, the board goes to a Disaster Area DPC-5 programmable true bypass loop. There is a constant tuner out which is connected to a Korg Pitch Black tuner.

The DPC-5 has five loops. And, in order, the loops include a VFE Alpha Dog distortion pedal (a RAT style distortion pedal), a Strymon Deco pedal, a JHS modified Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, a Strymon El Capistan Tape Delay and a Neunaber WET Reverb pedal.

After the loops, the signal goes out to a Strymon Mobius and Timeline before heading to the guitar amp. Although not pictured, I usually take either a 57 Tweed or a Swart AST Mk II amp.

I have a Road Rage manual tap tempo connected to the Timeline in case I need to override the programmed tempos in the delays — depends on the drummer.

I have a smaller Disaster Area pedal to manually bank the Timeline for when I run the board in manual mode. If I am programming the board with the DPC-5, I tend not to use the secondary MIDI bank switcher.

I have two pedal power boxes underneath the pedalboard to fuel all of the pedals

I have a couple of other smaller pedal boards including a minimalist board (tuner, overdrive, delay). There are times when simple can be really good. Especially from a weight perspective.

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