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The Christmas season is almost here. And my big board comes out for a number of playing dates.

A few new additions to the board: the Strymon Deco and the Disaster Area Designs DPC-5 Programmable True Bypass Switcher with Midi control. The Deco adds a compressed, tape saturation to the tone. And the DPC-5 — the red pedal on the bottom — allows me to program a set of patches including complete Midi control of the Timeline and Mobius pedals.

It took me a while to configure and wire the board and I will need to make a few more changes before it goes out later this week. I had to use the Lava cables for the top row of the DPC-5 as my right angle Switchcrafts were too large to fit. Unfortunately, I only had the solderless Lava cables and I really don’t like them. They are too fragile for me when used on the road. They will get swapped out once the soldered kit arrives.

The board is powered by two Voodoo Labs Pedal Power units — one is the 4×4 and the other is the 2 plus. All 14 pedals require power. 5 of the pedals draw above 200mA. Both the Timeline and the Mobius need at least 300mA power.

Signal flow right now is guitar->Timmy->EP booster->Keeley Compressor->Fulltone Fulldrive 3->VFE Alpha Dog->Strymon Deco->Ernie Ball modded VP Jr->Strymon El Capistan->Strymon Mobius->Strymon Timeline->Neunaber Wet->amp.

The DPC-5 switches 5 pedals and controls the Midi on the Timeline and Mobius. The DMC-3, the small orange pedal on the bottom row, controls the bank changes on the DPC-5. Much easier to switch a lot of presets from the DMC-3.

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      • Rob
        Rob says:

        HI, Richard, I posed this question before, a while ago, but am trying again. What happened to the Road Rage True Bypass – did you abandon that in your system?

        • Richard Cleaver
          Richard Cleaver says:

          Hi Rob,

          Apologies, I did not see your question come in before today. It has been a busy few weeks!

          I still have the Road Rage True Bypass however with more MIDI pedals on the board, I really needed a way to program them in addition to setting up the loops. The Road Rage True Bypass is completely passive. The Disaster Area Amps DPC-5 is fully programmable (loops and MIDI). Works great for me 🙂


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