It Is A Small World After All


Hmmm. What photos?

Yes. I had been down to Walt Disney World. But I had not signed up for any Disney PhotoPass photos. Was this some sort of scam?

Well, I clicked through. And there were all sorts of photos of my family. Photos like this one:


Of course there were photos. We did most of the rides at the parks and many of the rides take your photo hoping that you will stop by the gift shop and buy one on the way out.

But how did Disney know that these were our photos?

Facial recognition.

And where did they get the matching photos to validate the facial recognition?

From our cruise. We were required to have our photos taken when we registered prior to embarkation.

And how did they find my email address?

Well, clearly they have a customer database with all sorts of information about me including my images and my email address. I did purchase the one image above so I suppose digital persistence does work.

Staggering to think that an amusement park is so well informed about its guests.

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