Following The Path


I have been reading Joan Chittister’s book Following the Path. Joan is a Benedictine nun. Her book touches on the theme of searching for a life of passion, purpose and joy:

This book is about what it takes to find and respond to the magnet within us — that great, deep passion for life toward which our hearts leap up at every turn. This is the call that demands that we give back to life everything that life has given to us. Then, at some moment far from now, perhaps, the feeling will finally come that, looking back, whatever difficulties we have suffered in its doing, it has all been right.

The question of what each of us is meant to do in life is the question that no one else can answer for us. It is the question of uniqueness. It is the moral imperative of every human life. To discover and pursue what we are called to do in life is the very fundament of happiness.

Do you know anyone that has actually found what they are called to do in life?

I follow a large number of blogs on the web and I came across Nasim Mansurov’s recent announcement on photographylife:

This long overdue announcement was something I had been unintentionally delaying for too long this year. I started this letter months ago on an airplane and I am now sitting again at an airport, waiting for my four hour flight to Denver, in hopes that I will be able to finally complete my disarray of thoughts in one piece. Without a doubt, the last 12 months have been rough, packed with a number of life-changing events that have had a huge impact on my personal and professional life. One event led to another and I found myself going back and forth, questioning my actions and intentions over and over again, until I finally made a decision: I decided to pursue my dream to become a full time photographer, writer and educator.

Read more:

As I am getting older and somewhat closer to retirement, I am now thinking more and more about what I will be doing over the next 10 to 15 years of life. And, in part, I hope to discover and pursue what I am called to do during that season of life.

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