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TDB Live On Stage

Even though I was still reeling from the flu of last week, Trevor’s live event was yesterday and I headed out with my portable rig in tow. I used Pro Tools 11HD on a MacBook Pro and the software was rock solid. I was able to track the whole event without incident. Here are a few photos from the evening. Click on an image for a larger photo.

Once the lights went out, it was very dark in the booth. Fortunately I had no problem seeing the screen.

Pro Tools 11HD Screen

This is the splitter. A veritable maze of cables going from the stage to the console and split out to my recording rig. It took me a few hours to get everything connected and working properly.


This was the main console for the venue — a Yamaha M7 digital board. We had a full video crew on hand with six cameras plus computer visuals and lighting.

Yamaha M7 Console

My 16-channel portable rig. 16 pure sounding Millennia preamps.

Portable Rig

My view of the event from my workstation. Dale, the live sound engineer, had a much more stressful evening. As long as I kept everything gain staged appropriately, I could sit back and enjoy the music. He, on the other hand, had to mix things in real-time. On a strange board. With another engineer looking over his shoulder.


A wonderful event and the team did an amazing job.

The Band

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