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Tips : GPS vehicle tracker with 3G compatible /Attn: purchase manager

Dear Sir

This is Anna,the sales manager of GPS in China.

VT600 is an advanced GPS vehicle tracker, with 3G UMTS 900/2100Mhz or 850/1900Mhz compatible. What is more, VT600 can compatible with accelerator meter to detect harsh start and stop, can compatible with RFID to identify driver, can compatible with camera to take photo. Rich I/O features are available also.

I would appreciate if you forward this letter to Technical Manager or to other expert responsible for technical integration of new products in your company, or provide me with his contact for we could discuss all the details of our future cooperation.

Your early reply is highly appreciated.

Best Regards


Dear Anna,

Thank you for your note and thanks for dropping by the blog.

Alas I do not have a technical manager or any other experts responsible for technical integration of advanced GPS vehicle trackers into new products for my blog. I regretfully cannot discuss any details for our future cooperation.

I hope we can remain friends.

Rockin’ Rick

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