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Hello. I came across your website while researching the best ranking sites in the divorce niche. I hope you don’t mind me reaching out. I wanted to see if you would be interested in partnering with our company. We are the only online divorce partner program that pays its affiliates for a divorce preparation, annulment or legal separation service. We offer the highest payout, the longest cookie, and the most creative to choose from of any other online partner program in our industry.

Partnership Development

Dear Partnership Development,

Yes, my website is best ranking in many areas. Take mushrooms for example. Lots of traffic from mushroom lovers worldwide.

As the folks who follow my blog will attest, there is nothing more rewarding than reading another one of my posts about divorce. That is why this site is one of the best ranking sites in the divorce niche. No splitting hairs here. No forks in the road. No you going your way and me going mine. Well, you get the idea.

Your offer is is kind and generous. However, this blog does not take in any advertising.

Best etc.,
Rockin’ Rick

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