Indoor Spinning


The sky gets dark at 7pm now. And that means the end of outdoor riding during the week. Not enough light.

I prepared my indoor cycling studio yesterday for my first major spin this morning at 6:30am:

  • Floor mat: to absorb copious amounts of sweat
  • Fan: a way to try and evaporate some of the copious amounts of sweat
  • Stand: to hold the bottles of water necessary to hydrate and replace the copious amounts of sweat
  • Training videos: to motivate the desire to generate copious amounts of sweat
  • LeMond RevMaster Pro spin bike: to generate the copious amounts of sweat

You’ve probably noticed a theme. Indoor spinning is suffering. It is hard work. I can easily ride several hours outdoors. An hour indoors seems like a very long time.

This year I will be using Robbie Ventura’s training videos from RealRides. These are not for the weak at heart. I used some of his videos last year and they really hurt.

The first ride this morning was tough. But I felt great once I was off the bike.

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