Gravel Driveway Part II


As we drove home, we noticed this little tractor mowing our neighbour’s yard. Our neighbours have a very flat, grassed lot of about 2.5 acres with roughly a 200 foot gravel drive. They just purchased the above Kubota B2650HSDC tractor. That little tractor sells for $30,000 with a mower.

That is one really expensive lawn mower.

We have a very diverse property of about 7 acres with a 900 foot gravel drive. Lots of trees, wetland and even a pasture in addition to the manicured areas. I’ve been trying to take care of our property with a small garden mower. And, with the recent issues on our gravel drive, I have been debating whether we have the right equipment for maintaining our land. But spending tens of thousands of dollars on a tractor and all the required implements doesn’t make much sense to me.

But do I have a choice? Not sure yet.

We did receive one estimate to repair the drive. He cautioned me in his cover letter: “Please read your estimate carefully (even a few times), it contains much more than just the price.”

Well, that it does. But I had a real hard time getting by the price to read the rest of the estimate carefully.

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  1. Michael Weening
    Michael Weening says:

    Hi Richard …. but think of that cab on a cold day 🙂

    The Kubota goes and goes. I would look at used – there are some great deals out there and as the engines are fantastic, you can get one at a dramatically different price – just call a few dealers. If you head over to the site they have an extensive list for you to peruse.


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