I Get Mail

Just for fun, I googled “richard cleaver mushrooms” and I got this:


So now I understand why I also got this:

From: freshoyster
Date: Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 5:19 AM
Subject: Professional Mushroom Spawn Producer
To: “richard.cleaver”

Dear Richard,

We know from the web that you are selling fresh mushroom, are you grower or importer?

Our company-FUNGIMART is a leading Fresh Mushroom Exporter in China. We have been specializing in this area over 10 years, with high-quality, competitive price and professional service.

We could supply these delicious mushrooms by Air for you:

Total have 13 types:

Fresh Flower Shiitake, Smooth Cap Shiitake, White Enoki, Bottle Cultivate Eryngii, Bag Cultivate Eryngii, White shimeji, Brown shimeji, Haixian Mushroom, White Elf., Maitake, Portobella, Baby Oyster and Black Truffle.

If you are interest, feel free to contact us!

Best regards!

Must be more careful with my references to mushrooms.

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