Gravel Driveway


This is my fear. That my gravel driveway will soon look like this after a few more storms.

It already is looking pretty bad on the hill. After five years or so of living in our beautiful home in the country, I have a road that is starting to fall apart.

The road runs for about 900 feet. And some of it is in pretty good shape. For the rest of the road we are seeing a lot more issues with vegetative growth, potholes and washouts.

I found myself needing to learn a lot more about gravel driveways.

For example, how should one maintain a gravel drive?

And then I spent time watching videos on maintaining and repairing gravel drives. Videos like this one.

I called the experts at the Gravel Doctor.

I thought about getting equipment that would allow me to maintain the road. Like this Kioti CK27 HST.

I even thought about ditching my car for one of these:


Sadly, there are no inexpensive options. We either rebuild/remediate the drive by hiring a company. Or, we rebuild/remediate and maintain it ourselves. And that means buying equipment and supplies. Or I get a different vehicle.

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