How To Clean A Kettle


That is my kettle: a Bodum Bistro Kettle. Black.

It is not a good kettle. The lid broke almost immediately. However, I continue to use the kettle as I am somewhat uninspired to go and find another one. Whenever I clean this kettle, I remove the lid from the spout and then try to get the lid to sit back on the kettle without it falling into the kettle.

I think Malcolm Gladwell would be impressed as it took me considerably less than 10,000 hours to master this skill. As it appears to be the case for many other things as well.

I use this kettle every day at work to make my cup of tea.

I drink Mighty Leaf tea. Green Tea Tropical.

It is amazing tea. I buy this tea online in bulk directly from Mighty Leaf. The company has some magic delivery capabilities as I always receive the tea the next business day. I generally purchase 100 or 200 pouches at a time. And they often add a few other small gifts to recognize my addiction to their amazing teas.

If there is one thing, though, that really disturbs my tea drinking zen, it is this: kettle furring. Little pieces of gunk that wind up floating on the surface of an otherwise wonderful cup of tea.

The solution is to clean the kettle. Which has not been working for me. I rinse the kettle. I boil the kettle. I rinse the kettle. I scrub the kettle. I use bottled water for the kettle. And those darn kettle furrings show up almost immediately. Clearly I do not know how to clean a kettle.

Perhaps you are suffering from this same fate? And your quest may be similar to mine: how to enjoy a cup of tea without a bunch of gunk floating on top of it.

Herein is the solution: how to descale and clean an electric kettle.

There. Now I can enjoy a cup of Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical.

Gunk free.

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