Master The Art of Living

This is something that I really need to learn: to develop a beginner’s mind, a mind free of expectations. From Leo Babauta at zenhabits:

This is sometimes called the Beginner”™s Mind, but I think of it as a mind free of expectations.

The blueberry, of course, can be anything in life: any experience, any person you meet, any cup of tea, any task before you, any interaction with a loved one, any thought that enters your head, any moment of the day.

If you approach any of these with expectations, they will often disappoint or frustrate you ”¦ or be bland, blah, usual. And you move on to the next disappointing or frustration or usual experience, and so on, so that life is nothing but a series of things you barely like and barely notice.

If you approach each moment, each task, each person, without expectations ”¦ and just see that moment or person as they are ”¦ then you will really see that moment. Really appreciate it. Experience it like you”™ve never experienced anything before, because you haven”™t.

This is the Art of Living.

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