Trevor just posted a video take of his amazing solo on Perpetuum. Such an incredible player!

I just filed what I think might be the final round of mix release candidates for the project — we are almost finished. Here are some of Trevor’s thoughts on his video:

As you know, the last two years has seen us hard at work writing/arranging and recording a new CD Project with the Trevor Dick Band called NEW WORLD. I once more had the presence of mind to run video on a few takes of the violin solo of this Jazz/World Fusion track, “Perpetuum”. I am playing my new Italiian Cantini X-Evon II MIDI 5-String Violin (driving the Roland GR 55) while tracking in my home studio. I miraculously caught this “keeper” that we have decided to use for the album. The Cantini is a bit of a “beast” … took some time to really learn how to use it, but it has opened up another amazing door of tone and application possibilities.

© 2014 Trevor Dick Band (TDB) – “NEW WORLD” CD Project – Release date: Fall 2014 | | PLAYERS: Trevor Dick (Cantini X-Evon II MIDI 5-String Violin); Steve Heathcote (kit/percussion); Will Jarvis (bass); Brad Toews (keys); Tony Lind (guitar) and Richard Cleaver (engineer).

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