Magic Ahead


This was my first view of the Disney Magic just as we were boarding the ship in Barcelona last year. The Magic was completely refurbished in October of 2013 just after our cruise. An extensive renovation literally from bow to stern.

We return to the Magic in a few days for a cruise that originates in Venice, Italy and makes its way to Greece and Turkey.


Our flight leaves Toronto tomorrow evening. We fly out at 9:15pm and we arrive in Venice on Thursday around noon local time. We’ll have two and a half days to take in Venice before we board the ship for a ten-day cruise. And then back to Venice for a couple of days.

This is all of our luggage for the two-week adventure in Europe:


I have a small camera bag which contains a Nikon Df body, a 24-120mm and 50mm lens, a Sony RX-100 compact camera, memory cards and a portable hard drive. 8 pounds.

My luggage is in a very tiny Samsonite bag. 14 pounds.

Matthew has a backpack and he is carrying the computer and tablets. 12 pounds for the backpack and 8 pounds for the MacBook Air and two iPads.

And Lorraine has a small rollaboard — which in the picture above appears to dwarf all of the other bags — and that one weighs in at 16 pounds. We carry a surprising amount of clothing in a very small set of bags largely due to the wise advice at OneBag. We will carry everything on to the plane and save on baggage fees and walk directly off the airplane.

Our oldest son will be house-sitting for us. Hopefully no wild parties while we are away.

It has been a crazy few months leading up to this break. I can really use the time to disconnect and unwind.

I’ll post as I am able.

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