Hard Ride

I usually get a couple of long rides in over the weekends. This weekend I was only able to get out once. A bit over three hours on the bike.

I did the first 40k on my own. Lorraine joined me for the next 20k. I think Lorraine really enjoyed a more challenging loop and she handled the climbs and the S-curves with ease.

After I dropped Lorraine at her car, I had another 20k to get home. The wind was blowing pretty hard and the weather was decidedly cooler for June. After 60k or so, I was beginning to feel a need to fuel. It was morning and all I had before the ride was a protein shake and a small snack bar at the 40k break.

Oh well. Get back on the machine and get back home.

The winds in this area can be challenging. I find them to be a bit discouraging especially when I am fighting headwinds all the way back home. And, as you can see from this chart, my heart rate was elevated just trying to keep to a 26 – 28 kph pace. I was about 10k from home. Not much longer. I think I can make it. So tired. So sore.


And then it happened.

A shadow to my left. I look back. There he is. Another rider closing in.

I hate being gapped. I’m not sure why. It just doesn’t feel right. An attack. So, what would a reasonable cyclist do after  70k of hard riding?

Hammer down.


Look at those numbers! Heart rate near 170. Spinning 102 rpm. Pushing over 37 kph against 20kph+ headwinds. I’m surprised I’m still alive to tell the tale.


That little race lasted for about 8k until the other rider finally relented and turned off at Westbrook. Or maybe that was part of his loop. We were pretty much neck and neck the whole time. My numbers improved a little. Heart rate was down to about 145. Funny how a little competition changes everything. With roughly the same heart rate, I was cranking about 12 kph faster. The headwinds did not seem quite so bad at that point.

I didn’t tell Lorraine about the race home. She knew that I did not take it easy on the way back because of the elapsed time. But I don’t think she would understand why I didn’t just smile and wave and simply let the rider pass.

Hard ride.

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