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Whisperwood Studios

My son had gone into my studio and he almost tripped over some of the equipment. “Hey Dad. What’s with all the cameras and tripods in the studio?”

Well, I am working on a short video for Trevor and the New World project. As the project enters the final stage of production, Trevor wanted me to capture part of a mixing session.

It turns out to be a bit more complicated to do a screencast from a Pro Tools rig.

First, I hate those videos that are just basic screen captures. I wanted to have a bit more visual interest so I lined up three cameras for the job. One is panned close to the console work surface, one is from the behind right perspective and one is front-side profile.

Although it is relatively easy to capture the screen with QuickTime on a Mac, QuickTime screen recording is definitely not compatible with my version of Pro Tools. Instead, I am using Screenflow. Screenflow is a terrific tool for screencasts and it allows me to easily incorporate multiple video and audio feeds.

To capture the sound sources, I am using a small mixer to direct the vocal microphone and the two-track Pro Tools monitor send to a Zoom portable recorder.

I hope to get the screencast done over the next few days and I will post it up on Youtube and here on the blog.

Knee deep in mixing sessions for the next week and the video will give a bit of a taste as to how I approach a mix.

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