Disney Cruise

SS Down The Hatch

The SS Down The Hatch (click on the photo for a larger image) from one of my trips to Walt Disney World. Last year we did a Mediterranean Cruise with Disney on the Magic and we had a wonderful time. We are booked on another Disney cruise this summer.

Disney Magic

We will be spending four days in Venice followed by stops in Katakolon, Piraeus, Kusadasi, Rhodes and Mykonos. Basically the western leg of the Mediterranean. We leave in 64 days but then, am I really counting? I think so.

Although I have made all of the travel arrangements, hotel bookings, excursions, budget and packing list, I am still fretting over camera gear.

Each time I do a trip like this one I worry about how much camera gear to take with me. Last year I took my Nikon D600 camera and three lenses: a 50mm, a 24-85mm and a 70-300mm. The vast majority of the shots were taken with the 24-85mm. But, I missed not having a bit more reach. So, I am thinking about whether I should trade the 24-85 in on the 24-120mm F4. I also experienced the dreaded dust and oil issue with the Nikon D600 camera which managed to impact a percentage of my shots. I won’t be taking that camera body with me on this trip.

I want to travel light but still have an excellent imaging resource.

I acquired the Nikon Df camera last year. The Df is a lightweight, high performing full frame camera. And it does not suffer from the dust and oil issue. I will take the Df to Europe with me. I will also carry the Sony RX100. The RX100 is a great little camera. Easy for anyone in our family to point and shoot and it delivers a pretty decent result.

I need to decide on one lens and one backup storage in the field — I do not want to take a computer with me this year.

I should have enough time to decide. 64 days.

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