Winter Ends


Finally. The latest start to my outdoor riding since I began keeping records: April 10th, 2014. Since April 10th, I have logged seven rides in 11 days with a modest accumulation of 250 kilometres. Average heart rate is not so bad for the first few rides: 137 bpm. Average speed for April is down from last year: 25.3 kph versus 27 kph. And cadence is down for some odd reason: 82 rpm versus 87 rpm.

I had a few physical setbacks this year particularly with the repetitive strain injury that emerged during December and January. I had to hold off on any significant training for almost two months. That clearly had an impact on cycling performance. I am about two months behind in my numbers.

And I noticed the lingering pain of that RSI on the first week of riding this year. Seems fine now on the last few rides.

Regardless of the weather and the mixed start to the season, it is wonderful to be back outside and riding. To me, this signals the end of winter and the start of spring.

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