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Hello Richard,

Greetings ! Please allow me to introduce myself ”“ my name is Unsolicited Email and I work at Some Consulting Inc, NYC a subsidiary company of Some Technology Company (STC), New Delhi, India.

Is there a possibility of utilizing our SFDC/Force.com/ Mobility Development & Support Services, from our offshore facility ? We could handle SFDC Development, SF Admin Support and Production Support.

Can you suggest a timeslot for a telephonic discussion?.

I look forward to your response. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

From: Richard Cleaver
Date: Usually dozens of times a day
Subject: Thank you for your note
To: Unsolicited Email

Hello Unsolicited,

Thank you for your note.

Ultimately, the ETA for a qualified interaction via FDDI/VOIP handset interconnectivity would require a culminating intersection of two spheres of interest — both mutual as I am certain you would concur — to obtain the maximum ROI from any SFDC/Force.com/Mobility Development & Support Services opportunities regardless of whether such opportunities were contained within domestic boundaries or extraneous to continental geographies.

As such, a timeslot for a telephonic discussion would require a more involved exploratory analysis of the meta properties associated with both the passage of time and the ability to position time at a fixed point and device particularly one that would satisfy our respective registers as well as ephemeris time. And that presumes a level of qualification and motivation that is remarkably absent from both my level of interest and the proposed agenda.

Kindest regards,

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