I’ve Got A Nikon Camera


It was an old Paul Simon tune called Kodachrome:

You give us those nice bright colors
You give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh yeah!
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away

Well, I just did something that I have never done before. I pre-ordered a new camera. I pre-ordered the new Nikon Df.

I got a Nikon camera.

I love to take a photograph.

This old camera, the Nikon FM2, was a favourite of mine from many years ago:


The Nikon Df pays homage to the old FM cameras.


As I age, I am becoming more sentimental and nostalgic. I’ll be selling off some of my newer gear, namely the Nikon D600, to acquire the Df once it comes in sometime before Christmas. I suppose I could say I pre-ordered the Df  because the camera is the lightest full frame Nikon body and I really appreciate a lightweight camera for travel photography. Or I could say that it has the same sensor as the flagship Nikon D4. That sensor can produce wonderful captures. And I could also say that the image files are far more manageable than my Nikon D800, a 36-megapixel monster that takes about 45MB of space for every frame.

But really, it is because of the memories of a simpler time in photography. Of a camera that will help me to be purposeful with each individual photo to achieve images that I will enjoy as well as making the process of photography itself more pleasing and artistic.

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    Speaking of being nostalgic, I just refurbished my 50 year old Dual 1009 Turntable that my Dad bought it 1963; new Ortofon cartridge, thorough cleaning, lubrication and the tone arm is perfectly balanced. I have likely over 1,000 vinyl records and have brought those out of storage as well.

    I, too am going down memory lane, but most importantly now enjoying music in an uncompressed format which is a delight. I had forgotten the depth, the clarity and overall ambiance of vinyl. I am running the turntable through a 1963 Clairtone T10, also about 50 years old, and through a set of Bose 901’s. I am listening in the concert hall where these musicians played!

    What’s old is new again. And I like it!

    Remember reading the liner notes on the album jacket while listening to the record?

    Cheers, Richard…..hope all is well.

    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Hi Rob,

      Well, it has been a very long time since I have listened through a turntable playback.

      I am spoiled as I get to listen to high resolution audio, captured in awesome recording environments and played back with the top converters through an 80 series Neve mix buss. There is no comparison to what passes for a listening experience today which is generally through highly compressed mp3s on iPods, computers or car stereos.

      The analog chain end-to-end had its challenges but when it was done well, vinyl offered an incredible listening experience. Or at least that is how I remember it all those years ago 🙂

  2. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    the DF looks extremely interesting. I was a bit shocked at the price, but considering it has the D4’s sensor, I see why. Should be a great camera.

    I preordered the new Sony A7. Seems like “retro” is the way things are going these days. It reminds me of my old Minolta cameras: an x700 and Maxxum 7000.

    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Hi Matthew,

      The new Sony A7 looks like a killer camera. I have so much invested in Nikon glass that it really doesn’t make much sense for me to try and rebuild on a different platform — although I toyed with the idea when I purchased the Fuji X Pro 1 camera. And I did not like running two different platforms and I wasn’t prepared to give up on my DSLRs.

      So many great camera choices out there. Good luck with the new machine!

      • Matthew
        Matthew says:

        Thanks! I’ve always been a Canon shooter, but about a year ago I started selling off the 10,000 lbs of lenses and camera to go light and maneuverable. Switching systems is not easy on the wallet for sure. To replace all my Canon glass is going to be painful, but in the meantime I plan on challenging myself with a couple fast primes and see how it goes.

        In reality, I’m having more fun taking shots with my Lumia 1020 than anything. It really is a great time to be a photographer and/or a camera geek.

  3. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    mmmm….at my house, in the absence of:

    “high resolution audio, captured in awesome recording environments and played back with the top converters through an 80 series Neve mix buss”

    I will have to stick with vinyl for now….

    I’ve got one of those Hi Res thingy’s you metnion on my Christmas list, but I am not holding my breath. 🙂


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