At Sea

Friday, August 30th.

We are now making our way back to Barcelona. Although this is the last full day of our cruise, we still have another tour planned when we return to Barcelona. We have a private tour arranged for the city and for Montserrat.

So we have been taking it easy today. I have spent several hours writing up the trip diary. You can see me hard at work on the deck of the ship.

Richard at Sea

We’ll need to pack and to get ourselves ready to debark the ship tomorrow morning.

Aside from eating, our plan is to catch the Lone Ranger later this evening. It is one of several movies playing on the ship’s screen. Here are a few photos from onboard the ship itself.

Our stateroom was on deck seven. This was the main elevator lobby.

Deck Seven

We always took the stairs. Here is the shot from the elevator side but from the opposite side of the ship.

Deck Seven

I briefly connected to the shipboard WiFi on this day. Likely the most expensive email I have received on a computing device. The best area for WiFi reception was in this lounge on deck three.

Promenade Lounge

Our final dinner meal was served at Lumiere’s.


We watched the Lone Ranger here.


And a few final shots of our time aboard the Disney Magic. She is a beautiful ship.

Disney Magic Atrium

Disney Magic Atrium

Disney Magic

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