Cruises and Dinner

Disney Dining

On the Disney Cruise Line, each family is assigned a dining team. In our case we were assigned Luis, Nathan and Manu. Luis was the dining manager, Nathan the head server and Manu the assistant server.

Each evening we enjoyed a rotating dining experience with the same serving team. One night at Animator’s Palate, another and Parrot Cay and then at Lumiere’s. The sequence repeats for the duration of the trip.

In our case, we had table 48 for each restaurant.

There are a few theme nights. One night is formal. One night is Pirate’s night.

The food was always good with choices ranging from fully stuffed to lighter fare. I opted for the lighter fare half the time and succumbed to the fuller plates the other half. I guess I will have to ramp up my cycling when I return home.

Manu, a wonderful young man from India, gave us a number of word games to try and solve each night.

For example: a man lives in an apartment on the 15th floor. And everyday he leaves the apartment he takes the elevator to the ground floor. However, on sunny days, he returns by taking the elevator to the 9th floor and walks the stairs up to his apartment on the 15th floor.


Manu then leaves us to ponder the word game and to try to find a solution. The man in the apartment is very short. And he can only reach as high as the 9th floor button on the elevator. However, on rainy days, he carries an umbrella. With his umbrella, he can press the 15th floor button.

Nathan, our head server, is British. He is a bit more formal than Manu but still a very nice young man.

I have been taking a dessert with some of my meals, something I rarely do at home. One evening, I told Nathan that I would have no dessert. Just green tea.

He brought out a dessert plate with the words “Just Green Tea” inscribed in chocolate.

I had to eat the dessert. After all, it might have hurt Nathan’s feelings.

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