At Sea

August 25th was a day at sea. The day started at 9:00am.


I never, ever sleep in at home. Sleeping in means 6:30am as opposed to 6:00am.

Obviously still working through the jet lag. The whole day felt a big sluggish. Good thing we were at sea today.

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast topside. We had a table at the far aft of the deck with wonderful panoramic views of the ocean. Beautiful sunny day. Brisk wind. Mild but not cold.

Most of the day was spent reading and relaxing although I did spend a few hours working out at the fitness facility. Lorraine and I also spent about an hour working on the touring plan for Villefranche.

We intend to head over to Nice, tour for a couple of hours and then head over to Monaco. We’ll head back to Villefranche and, if time permits, walk through this beautiful coastal town.

This is the first port and we are doing the excursion on our own. The train from Villefranche to Nice is a quick 10-minute ride. We are following Rick Steve’s walking tours for Nice and Monaco.

I also used the time at sea to update the travel dairy, backup my photos and enjoy the experience of being on a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Such a wonderful experience so far.

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