The Flight

Our flight over to Europe on August 22 proved challenging for three young children. Challenging as well for the poor passengers within earshot of these children.

One child was unable to stop screaming at the top of her lungs for at least three hours.

She was seated in the row in front of us. After several hours of continuously yelling ferociously at any and all passengers within the aircraft, she finally nodded off, blissfully passing along her screaming duties to child number two.

Child number two picked up when child number one stopped. Child number two was seated in the row behind us.

Every so often, child number three, seated four rows in front, would chime in. This child was not quite as enthusiastic as child number two. I believe very few children could stand with child number one. Her ability to yell and scream without pause or hesitation for several hours is surely an accomplishment that few children can reasonably achieve.

The parents seemed to bear the ear-piercing shrieks with little concern. I suppose it is different if the screaming child is your own. Perhaps after enough yelling, the sound takes on an angelic property. Or perhaps the parent’s ear finds the sound soothing.

What I did learn from all of the screaming children is that noise-cancelling headphones do not work very well. At least not when put up against such an accomplished vocal trio.

The Air Canada flight departed Montreal on time at 5:35pm and arrived early to Frankfurt at 6:15am local time.

When walking through the terminal in Frankfurt, everything seemed quiet.

I like quiet.

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