Our flight to Barcelona on August 22nd required a connection in Frankfurt. We arrived in Frankfurt early morning on the 23rd. I learned a few things about connecting through Frankfurt.

First, you have to pass customs. I thought that this would happen at our final destination. It turned out that passport control was at the connecting airport in Germany.

We queued for the customs officer. He took our passports. Stamped them. Handed them back to us.

No questions. No conversation. Not even a guten tag.

We were now officially in Europe.

Second, you have to go through security screening a second time. Even though you just came off the airplane and even though you were contained in a secured and closed area.

Third, you have only just enough time to make your connecting flight. Without a doubt, Frankfurt has one of the longest walks to reach a connecting gate. We arrived at the terminal at 6:15am and did not reach our gate until 7:00am.

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