On Our Way


We left Kingston at 10:00am and made our way to Montreal. The start of a 20-hour journey to Barcelona.

Our house-sitter will keep the home in good order while we are away.

The drive into Montreal was pretty straightforward. Lots of rain between Mallorytown and L’Isle Perot. And quite a bit of construction on the 401 in Ontario and 20 Est in Quebec.

We arrived at the Park ‘N Fly at 1:45pm. Checking the car was very quick and a shuttle came around almost immediately. Within a few minutes we were dropped off in front of the International departures terminal.

A very light travel day. No line for the gate agents. We had a lovely chat with the agents. They were amazed at how light we had packed for the trip. One of the gate agents suggested we set up a website for packing light.

Too late. One bag has been up and running for quite some time.

Security was also very light and we went through the process in just a few minutes.

We made our way to the lounge and we are now waiting for the boarding of our flight. We will be flying on the world’s largest twinjet aircraft, the Boeing 777. The flight to Frankfurt will leave Montreal at 5:35pm and should arrive by 6:45am local time tomorrow.

I expect my access to the Internet will be limited as we cruise the Mediterranean. I will chime in from time to time if I find a free Wi Fi spot.

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