Europe With One Bag


The smallest bag on the far right is my camera bag for the European trip and it measures 25 cm wide by 15 cm deep by 20 cm high. It weighs 3.9 kgs or 8.6 lbs. It contains my Nikon D600 camera body, 3 lenses, a Sony RX100 compact camera and a few other items.

The small bag in the middle is my travel bag for the European trip. I will carry this bag on the aircraft. It measures 38 cm wide by 22 cm deep by 30 cm high. It weighs 5.3 kgs or 11.6 lbs. It contains all of my clothing for the trip.

The other bag, which is what I used to travel last year to Florida, measures 48 cm wide by 31 cm deep by 63 cm high. It weighed an astonishing 19 kgs or 42 lbs. The bag was checked. It was a direct flight. And I had transportation from the airport to the hotel. So it was not all that much trouble. But not for an international trip with tight connections and a lot of moving around.

Simple. Lightweight. Minimalist.

The big bags are staying home.

Lorraine is packing light. Similar sized travel bag. And a purse.

And Matthew will be using the Red Oxx for his clothing along with a computer bag.

That is everything we need to take with us.

Here is my packing list for the time away.


Personal care items like soap and shampoo are provided at our destination. We will pick up a few items once we arrive in Barcelona. We have one gadget bag for a few electronics and chargers. Matthew will be carrying that in the computer bag. A small netbook and a tablet. The netbook is coming along primarily to back up my photographic images. And the tablet will provide a bit of entertainment along the journey as it is loaded up with some ebooks and movies.

If we find that we have forgotten something that we really need, we’ll pick it up over there.

We fly out tomorrow.

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