Thousand Islands Bike Path

Thousand Islands

My first bike ride on the Thousand Islands Parkway.

I started the ride just east of Gananoque. I went out past Mallorytown, about 30 kilometers, and then rode the same length back to Gananoque. Beautiful day and a wonderful ride.

There is a bike trail that hugs the road for almost 37 kilometers. Roughly 20 kilometers of the bike trail is well paved and I found it an excellent surface for high-speed cycling. The rest of the trail offers a very narrow and very poorly maintained surface. For those sections, I took my chances on the parkway itself.

Not for the faint of heart though. The parkway can be very busy during the tourist season. And a few drivers were annoyed that I was on the road. One car honked at me and the driver pointed repeatedly towards the old and poorly maintained bike trail.

I can share this particular road even if there is a bike path nearby. It’s the law. At least he did not push me off the road.

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