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This might be it. This might be as far as I can take things given my age.

Six years ago, I was managing an average cycling pace of just under 21 km/h over a 20 km distance. I can now manage an average pace of just under 30 km/h over a 40 km distance. On flats without a significant wind, I can sustain 38 – 40 km/h.

I suspect I am now at the outer edge of what I can reasonably expect to achieve from a performance perspective at my age. It may become more of a struggle just to try and maintain this level of fitness.

Each day that I roll out on my bike, I thank God for the opportunity to have another ride.

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    Hey Richard!

    How did you managed to get from 20km/h avg to +30km/h? I’m 32 and averaging 23km/h on 40km on a 53-39 chainring.

    Did you get a personal cycling coach to help you up to that avg speed? I’d love to get to to 30km/h within a few seasons.

    Are you riding on a compact or standard (53-39) chainring?

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hey Brian,

    Thanks for dropping by the blog.

    I will quote from the Velominati rules of cycling, specifically Rule 10: It never gets easier, you just go faster.

    I logged a lot of time on the saddle. I have worked with a personal trainer for the past three years (usually twice a week) and over the past two years I followed some pretty challenging training programs during the winter months. I really think the heavy interval work in the off season, although very gruelling, made the difference. And so, in my late fifties, I can push a pretty decent pace.

    My bike is a beautiful Colnago EPQ with Campy Super Record. I do have a compact chainring although I usually ride big ring only 🙂


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