Noble Street Day 5

Noble Street Studios

The last day of tracking basics. We achieved our objectives for the week. The sessions went exceptionally well. All of the files were successfully backed up and I copied them over to two sets of storage devices this week-end. Over the next few months we will fine tune all of the basics and add in our overdubs. Trevor is looking to a fall release. Lots of work between now and then. However, now is a great time to celebrate the week. Click on an image for a larger photo and let the credits roll.

Technical Team

The technical team (from left to right): Trevor Anderson (Studio Assistant), Kevin O’Leary (Head Assistant Engineer), Trevor Dick, Richard Cleaver (Engineer), Joshua Cleaver (Assistant Engineer).

Musical Team

The musical team (from left to right): Brad Toews (keys), Steve Heathcote (drums), Trevor Dick (violins), Will Jarvis (bass), Tony Lind (guitars).

The Crew

The complete production team.

Trevor Dick

And Trevor. He is such an amazing man and an incredible musician.

In addition to my engineering duties, I also acted as the photographer for the week. Trevor was good enough to post all of the photos from the sessions at Noble Street. You can find them on his flickr account here.

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