Noble Street Day 2

Noble Street Drum Overhead Mics

Great second day tracking at Noble Street Studios. Here is the team hard at work. Click on a photo for a larger image and slideshow.

Tony Lind is our guitarist. We have been tracking his rhythm parts only for this session. Lots more guitar work ahead. Right now, I am recording his parts with a classic Shure SM-57 close-mike to his speaker cabinet. The cabinet is located in a sound lock between the main room and the control room. His signal comes in through a Neve 1084 preamp.

Tony Lind

Will Jarvis is the “driver” for the team. He has been working his magic with his Ken Smith 5-string bass. I am recording him through an Avalon U5 Direct Box into an API 512C preamp. We have his Genz-Benz amp positioned in baffles in the studio lounge. I am tracking his amp with an EV RE20 through a Neve 1084 preamp.

Will Jarvis

Steve Heathcote is our drummer extraordinaire. I have him surrounded with microphones and I keep my eye on him so that he does not disrupt any one of those very precisely placed mics. Too many to list here but the tones are awesome. Everything except the snare is going through Neve preamps. I am using API preamps for the snare.

Steve Heathcote

Brad Toews is the magic behind the stunning sound of the Fazioli grand piano. We have two Neumann U87s over the piano sound board and two Royer 122s over the hammers. The signal passes through the Millenia preamps. Unbelievable sound.

Brad Toews

Trevor’s talent is being showcased through his electric rig although we will be cutting some tracks with his acoustic instruments. The electric rig comes in through a pair of API preamps. His playing is amazing and inspiring.

Trevor Dick

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