A Tale of Two Temps


It was the coldest of rides,
It was the warmest of rides,
It was the age of the rider,
It was the time of the year,
It was the epoch of pain,
It was the epoch of even more pain,
It was the season of Colnago,
It was the season of Campagnolo,
It was the spring of hope,
After a winter of indoor spinning.

Extreme weather changes make it so difficult to plan outdoor rides during this time of year. Friday, the bike computer tracked a high of 7 degrees and the wind chill did feel more like 4 degrees. Perhaps even colder. And Sunday? Well, it became summer. At least for a day. The bike computer tracked 18 degrees for the day but I think it was actually warmer.

Friday’s wind chill had its way with my back and I suffered through a pretty severe bout of spinal pain. Fortunately it cleared up very quickly. Two days later and I was back riding for several hours in the beautiful sunshine.

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