I Get Mail

Don’t miss the jet! Seats are filling fast.

There are two choices. One trip is a 2014 Rediscover the Americas Tour at roughly $63,000 per person and the other choice is a 2014 Around the World Tour at roughly $88,000 per person.

I might need my lawyer to review the terms and conditions of this trip.

Not sure how I got on this mailing list.

As incredible as those prices might seem, they are not the most expensive vacation packages that have been offered to the market. Here are a couple from 2008. Perfectly timed with the great financial collapse.

The competition is fierce as two giants in the hotel industry vie for the right to call their package the most expensive vacation in the world. The two competitors, Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and The Leading Hotels of the World, both offer $1 million vacation packages.

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