The Long Commute

More travel this week. Toronto on Tuesday. Ottawa on Wednesday.

I took the train for the travel to Toronto and I drove to Ottawa. Much nicer taking the train. Calmer. More peaceful. A throwback to a less frenetic time.

Except that I spent most of that time glued to a computer screen, valiantly trying to catch up on work. And by work, I mean processing email, if dealing with email is, in fact, work. It certainly feels more and more like work these days. Way too many incoming emails. Almost impossible to keep up.

Because of the travel, Tuesday had to be a rest day from training. Wednesday I was able to get back in time for my training session.

Caloric intake Tuesday and Wednesday was pretty low: 1,375 net on Tuesday and 859 net on Wednesday. Although I am watching my caloric intake I am not wanting to be that low. I should be eating quite a bit more — somewhere in the range of 2,000 calories or so.

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