How To Survive A Birthday Meal

“We are taking you out to dinner!”

It is our family tradition. When a birthday takes place, we go out for a nice meal.

This can be challenging when training. Especially the birthday cake itself. It was wonderfully prepared and made expressly for me and I knew that I would not be able to refuse a slice. And I did not.

We went out to Milestones. This time, I checked the nutritional information online before I went out to the restaurant. I had also completed a very high intensity interval workout beforehand so my net caloric intake for the day was negative 122 calories before dinner.

My total intake at Milestones was 990 calories — not too bad. And the cake was 340 calories. I consumed 1832 total calories on my birthday and, after exercise, my net intake was 1208 calories. Not too bad at all.

Sunday was a rest day. Total caloric intake of 1,247.

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