Did all of the work as planned yesterday.

And for those of you who wrote to me with concern about the low calorie intake, well, it is actually a bit worse than what I have been reporting. That caloric intake is gross and not net. I burn about 600 calories an hour on the bike. And with this nutrition plan, I have a bit of a deficit.


Same exact meal plan as before with one exception. I did an outside lunch and I consumed an omelette and some toast. Hard to estimate a restaurant meal so I erred on the liberal side of the meal hence the high fat count for lunch.

Calories: 140, Carbs: 14 grams, Protein: 20 grams, Fat: 0 grams

Calories: 595, Carbs 46 grams, Protein: 28 grams, Fat: 32 grams

Calories: 733, Carbs: 104 grams, Protein: 45 grams, Fat: 16 grams

Total intake
Calories: 1,468, Carbs: 164, Protein: 93 grams, Fat: 48 grams
Sodium intake of 1,687mg and total fibre intake of 19 grams.


My spinning ride burned 625 calories this morning so my net caloric intake was 844 calories. Too low so I will be eating a few hundred more calories.


Another fail on the stretching side. Sigh.

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