Indoor Spinning Resources

Indoor spinning. Look at those folks in the spin class. Doesn’t it look like fun?

Did some tough intervals last night. I looked more like this guy.

No. Hard spinning is not fun. It is hard spinning. It is suffering.

That aside, I have a couple of resources that I use when I am forced to go inside — which, in this part of Canada, is about five months. Helpful if you find yourself looking for something to keep the indoor spinning interesting.


I source most of my spinning routines from Spinervals (Coach Troy Jacobson).

His competition series is quite extensive and all of the titles are available as digital downloads — for a fee. Typically around $30 a video for non-members.

I have about 20 titles from Spinervals. Right now I am training from the base building series (Aero Base Builder) and Aerobic Engine Builder.

The digital download catalog is here.

He also has some free workouts listed here.


Yes… a well kept secret just for us roadies. Sufferfest keep an excellent set of resources for indoor riding. And you will suffer. Guaranteed.

Indoor resources from the Sufferfest site can be found here.

Sufferfest videos can be found here.

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