Christmas Morning in Colour

A few shots to share from our Christmas morning. These ones are not in black and white.

The presents under the tree were all ready for unwrapping. Sadly, they were not all for me.

Lorraine set up stockings for all of our family members. Except for me. I’m not sure why.

Our granddaughter was thrilled with all of the activity on Christmas morning. So many surprises.

She helped to create this wonderful painting. I think the word says much about the reason behind Christmas.

Lorraine did a terrific job managing the distribution of gifts from a central position. However, at a certain point in time, many of the gifts became just out of reach.

Matthew looks at a circuit kit that Mike had pulled together as a Christmas gift. Really awesome gift! We spent some time this evening building out a few basic circuits — LED illumination and a toggle switch light relay. Cool.

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