Winter Driving

TD Insurance asked the Environics Research Group to poll drivers in Ontario about winter driving. What did they discover?

  • 54% of Ontario drivers do not carry an emergency kit in their car
  • 43% of Ontario drivers do not use snow tires

I do carry an emergency kit in my car. The car manufacturer was thoughtful enough to put a kit in the trunk otherwise I likely would not have one.  My car runs on a set of high performance tires. Terrific in mild weather. Completely hopeless in cold weather. I had no choice but to purchase snow tires. I installed them on the car a few weeks back.

TD Insurance provided some helpful tips for winter driving:

  • Prepare your car for the winter (servicing and winter tires)
  • Do not let your fuel tank run low
  • Pack some extra windshield wash
  • Keep an emergency kit
  • Carry a fully-charged cellphone

I must be getting older. I never used to think about this kind of stuff. The press release is here.

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    My uninformed view on this matter is that if your car is encrusted in so much ice you have bigger problems than keeping a survival kit in the trunk ….


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